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  Save Money On Hose Clamps And The Fuel To Go Buy Them, Use A Custom Wire Clamp Maker


This is The Tool That Should Be In Every Tool Box

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Make Custom Clamps, Clamp Any Size, Any Shape Anywhere with The ClampTite Clamp Making Tool with almost any kind of wire, no clamp hunting, or wasting time and gas to drive to the store, seal things leak free on the spot, the exact size, shape and torque you want. The better the wire the stronger and more permanent the clamp.

The custom wire clamp making tool allows you to seal high pressure including Compressed Air Hose and A/C Hose, Hydraulic Hose, Power Steering Hose, CV Boots, Fuel Lines, Propane Hose, Coolant Hose, Water Hose, Irrigation Hose, Steering Cable Ends, Control & Throttle Cable Ends, Battery Cables, Winch Cables, even make hoses work on smaller fittings than the ID of the hose when necessary for a tight clamp.

Great as a Farm Tool,  Ranch Tool, Sailor's Tool, Captain's Tool, Plumber's Tool, Mechanic's Tool, RV Tool, Sand Rail Tool, Bike Tool, Construction Tool, Handy man Tool, Ham Radio Tool, Gold prospector Tool, Landscaper Tool, Pool and Spa Tool, Logger Tool, Trucker Tool, Oil Field Tool, this list is Endless & the Value of This Tool is Priceless and Will Last You For Many Years.

Fix broken tool handles, keep grips from moving and make things that should Not fit together-Actually fit together, or just keep them from coming apart. Great for people doing Field Service work, Power Washers, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Car Wash Hoses and so much more and by calling us you are sure to get the tool you really need without spending money you don't need to.

This clamp maker will Fix Fences, Pig Feeders, Ropes, Pool & Spa hoses, Water hoses to Hydraulic and Seal Things Leak free! This outstanding Multi-Purpose Emergency Tool is a must for All Road Building and Construction Equipment to eliminate delays and long lines and expenses associated with construction equipment loading or unloading.

If you get Off Road OR Off Shore this Clamptite tool will be one of The Best Tools you can have with you in your time of need. Save Yourself and Your Company Down time, a drive in traffic, gas expenses and going on a clamp hunt, and make Exactly what you want, Where you want, and When you want while Controlling Your Time and Do It For Less Money.

If you can wrap wire around it- then you can put a Custom Clamp on it, using a small clamp maker that functions as a wire puller with almost any kind of wire for results beyond other clamps.

Your Limited only by Your Imagination and Length of Your Wire, if it is a problem just use the clamp making tool that fits in your pocket, saddle bag, fanny pack, glove box or even your pocket and get it done now. Great for clamping Metal to Metal or Wood to Wood and the uses are really Endless.

Use high tensile strength .041,  .051,  .062  Stainless Steel wire for your Stronger and Permanent repairs, or almost any kind of (galvanized) wire, mechanic's wire for less pressure or temporary clamps.

ClampTite Tool clamps are custom clamps and are 90% lighter than worm gear and tension clamps and seal things leak free with Stainless Steel wire with up to ten times the clamping pressure of standard clamps on the spot just when you need it fixed with out having a flat spot as wire conforms to the shape you are clamping.

Even more torque is available when used with stronger wire such as stainless steel or larger gauge wire than 19 gauge.

Please call Jeff if you need advice on tool choices or wire for your project.

All Clamps Can Easily Be Removed By Clipping a High Point Of The Clamp and Simply Removing The Wire. Clamptite Tools can replace crimping, banding, and hydraulic hose making machines and provide you with the performance of a  pre-made hose end with out the expense & inconvenience.

The Gold colored 2 piece Hand Tool is the Economical  Automotive tool, the Silver colored 2 piece Hand Tool is more Corrosion Resistant for Boaters & Irrigation and also a Hand Tool, the BEST is the Machined Extreme 1 piece Stainless Steel for Hydraulic or the same tool with an extension for Sailors, Both are beyond a Hand Tool and have the strength of the Large Tool but are the same size as the hand tools and are ready for anything for those like Jeff that think wrenches, pliers etc. are part of his hand when needing more torque.

The Stainless Steel Mariner 1 piece tool is for Sailors and has an extension with a hole at the end for hanging purposes, so it won't get dropped on deck or overboard. This tool is 1/2" longer when extended so if clearance is important then the All Stainless with Out the extension can be used in the same manner with a 1" key ring & will allow you to work it in a tighter area, but hang it when needed.

Tools are approx. 5 1/4" long & extend 7 1/2" if clearance is a problem then we recommend the 1 piece All Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tool with out the extension.

All Tools Sold Here come with Photo Instructions, Wire Nut, and are PRE-Lubricated with 2 Real Examples of Both Types of Clamps on Hose in a Zip Lock Bag (for Your Emergencies just in case the Instructions or Internet are Not available) and to insure that you always receive value for the purchase you make at this site. 

If when you need to use the tool and forgot how -you can look at the examples or call us. We don't just market tools we use them in every way you can imagine, and understand the tools the capabilities with every kind of wire they can handle.

Including the examples is more time & expense for us to do, but we know people appreciate it.

Knowledge Is Power In Mechanical Repairs, We Don't Just Market Tools We Provide Service and Knowledge.

Our goal in marketing this tool is to give you the knowledge required so you get what you paid for without over paying for what you need.

After the purchase of a tool from us we want you to contact us if you need more knowledge.

  Jeff 909-437-7469 or Julie 909-268-5377

Please leave a message and phone number, so if we are busy at an event, we will call you back as soon as possible.

*We are also available for In Person Demonstrations* at Company or Group Meetings by Appointment, call us to see if and when we are in your area.



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